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DLS Clay Water Bottle for Diabetes: This is a new innovative sustainable product for the self management of diabetes in a natural way. DLS Clay Water Bottle for diabetes is handcrafted on a potters wheel by a special kind of organic clay. It produces purest form of drinking water like spring water. The water produced by DLS Clay Water Bottle for Diabetes contains more oxygen and more pH value. As per a medical theory daily use of Alkaline water(water of high pH value) may cure diseases including diabetes, heart problems, arthrities. The beauty of this product is of its non toxic & non polluting nature. It produces cool sweet water with traditional taste & curative property without using any chemical & toxic compound. It regenerates lost micro nutrients in water, removes metal, pathogens, bacteria, pollutants due to its multi filtration structure.
Pterocarpus marsupium is mutiplying its curative property, since it is being traditionally used to treate diabetes since last 1000 years in India.
How to use for the best result in managingdiabeties naturally:
Please soak bottle not lid for minimum 12 hours in water & dry it. After proper dring fill it with clean water, you can use tap water but never use R.O. water, cover it with lid(cap). Place it over night and drink 1 to 3 glass of water empty stomach daily. The water turned brownish or yellowish. The colour turned due to use of pterocarpus marsupium. Apart from diabetic, healthy people can drink water produced by DLS clay water bottle for diabeties as normal drinking water for general wellbeing. After a certain period of time lid(cap) may stop changing the colour of water. In case lid of bottle may be replaced by a new one. New lid is available with the seller on demand.
Note: Plz note that actual product may not be same as shown in the images since it is handcrafted.
Disclaimer: This is not a medical device nor we claim cure of diseases. This is made on potters wheel by organic clay and a part of wood of pterocarpus marsupium which is traditionally used for wellbeing since last 1000 years.

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